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Dispute Resolution

Founded in 1992, Mahoning Valley Dispute Resolution Services (MVDRS) is now a part of Help Network of Northeast Ohio. Its mission is to reduce the level of community conflict and violence by mediating disputes between two or more parties.

MVDRS can help resolve:

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Civil Disputes
  • Small Claims Concerns
  • Neighborhood Problems
  • Employer/Employee Relations
  • Business/Property Matters
  • Truancy Mediations
  • Probate Matters
  • Family Issues
  • Guardianship Concerns

Under mediation, parties involved in a dispute meet together with a trained, neutral and impartial mediator to discuss the issues and generate options for resolving the conflict. When an agreement is reached, both parties commit to a Mutual Resolution Agreement.

This system offers many benefits. Mediation:

  • …is scheduled quickly.
  • …is confidential; the agreement belongs to the parties.
  • …is free in most instances. Certain mediation costs are based on a sliding scale.
  • …allows the parties to create their own solution.

To learn more about Mahoning Valley Dispute Resolution Services, call (330) 744-4480 or email mvdrs@yahoo.com