Help Is Here

Help Network Heroes: Chris’s Story

“They threatened to shut off my utilities. Then they wouldn’t talk to me. Out of desperation, I called Help Network.”

Chris is a senior citizen who was facing financial difficulties, including paying utility bills. When a shut-off notice arrived, he says he attempted to contact the utility company and work something out but was unsuccessful. Chris says he felt like “There was no one to turn to…I didn’t know what to do.”

Seemingly out of options, Chris called Help Network. We contacted the utility company and were able to intercede on his behalf and work out a payment plan. Chris’s service wasn’t interrupted. “Calling Help Network helped me keep my utilities from being shut off. Now I know where to call for help.” 

Chris is a Help Network Hero. Instead of giving up, he called Help Network of Northeast Ohio. Like thousands of others, Chris learned that when you need help…Help is Here.

*Some details and names may have been altered to maintain confidentiality.