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Help Network Heroes: Amanda’s Story

“Caring for my Special Needs child was starting to overwhelm me. Then I called Help Network”


Amanda is a mom of a daughter with special needs. She is tremendously devoted to her, but was feeling the strain of having to care for every aspect of her life.

She had reached the point where she felt she could no longer do everything on her own. “I called Help Network, and they referred me to their Special Navigator for Special Needs program,” said Amanda. “And that has made such a difference in our lives!”

A Special Navigator professional interviewed Amanda, asking her about her daughter’s age, level of function, interests and where they live. We were able to match her with the most appropriate resources available in her area. There is a wide range of these resources, including support groups, counselors, social options, the County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and respite and summer programs.

Amanda wanted the best for her daughter, so she reached out to us — and learned about many resources she had not previously been aware of. Thanks to Help Network, she and her daughter are getting the help they need.

*Some details and names may have been altered to maintain confidentiality.