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Dispute Resolution

Founded in 1992, Mahoning Valley Dispute Resolution Services (MVDRS) is now a part of Help Network of Northeast Ohio. Its mission is to reduce the level of community conflict by mediating disputes between two or more parties.

MVDRS can help resolve:

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Civil Disputes
  • Small Claims Concerns
  • Neighborhood Problems
  • Employer/Employee Relations
  • Business/Property Matters
  • Truancy Mediations
  • Probate Matters
  • Family Issues
  • Guardianship Concerns

Under mediation, parties involved in a dispute meet together with a trained, neutral and impartial mediator to discuss the issues and generate options for resolving the conflict. When an agreement is reached, both parties commit to a Mutual Resolution Agreement.

This system offers many benefits. Mediation:

  • …is scheduled quickly.
  • …is confidential; the agreement belongs to the parties.
  • …is free in most instances. Certain mediation costs are based on a sliding scale.
  • …allows the parties to create their own solution.

To learn more about Mahoning Valley Dispute Resolution Services, call (330) 744-4244.